IDC in Costa Rica

 IDC Costa Rica ready to start on April 15th, 2019

Rich Coast Diving will turn your passion for Diving into a new profession!

Come and join us for an upcoming IDC course in Costa Rica. IDC Costa Rica will help you begin your dream career as a Dive Instructor. Our Instructor Development Course has been the starting point for hundreds of people from around the world. Therefore a life change by becoming PADI dive instructor. The Pacific offers big pelagics resulting in great dives. Together with the Costa Rica nature, it makes the IDC Costa Rica a perfect place to go Pro!


The IDC Costa Rica program includes:

  • - EFR Instructor (Emergency First Responder Instructor)
    - IDC Prep: Our staff, led by our platinum course director, takes you through all the skills, so you are confident when the Instructors Exam is up.
    - The PADI Shark Aware Specialty Instructor 
  • - Enriched Air Specialty Instructor
    - Unlimited boat dives for Life with Rich Coast Diving
    - Our unique T-shirt
  • - A Rich Coast Red Flask
    - FREE Accommodation (limited availability, check with us!)

our upcoming IDC's for 2019:  April 15th, June 17th, August 26th and November 22nd.


Welcome to IDC Costa Rica

As a PADI professional, you do things others only dream of. Whether you work at a local dive center or at a resort, the adventure of a lifetime is yours for the taking. Imagine a job where you actually look forward to heading off to work in the morning. As a PADI Pro, you are one of the most sought-after dive professionals on the planet. And, with more than 4700 PADI dive centers and resorts worldwide, the world is your office, therefore your playground.

Rich Coast Diving takes pride of the quality and the professionalism of our teaching method. But also the fun during our courses. Become a PADI professional and join our most exciting IDC Costa Rica program. We have our own Course Directors on board, therefore this allows us, flexible schedules.  We try to fit your needs and exceeds your expectations. We provide maximum customer service by organizing IDC's in small groups, As a result, every student gets his or her own personal time.


We offer FREE accommodation during the course

The only Platinum Course Director in Costa Rica

What can we expect of the training program?
  • Welcome party to meet and greet the staff and other candidates
  • Accommodation packages available
  • Working in small groups for personal attention
  • Support available in English, Spanish, Dutch and German
  • Fully air-conditioned classroom
  • Lunch and relax area to enjoy the break time
  • All PADI materials available at a great price
  • Equipment rental package deal
  • Retail store for full equipment with special candidate's packages
  • Equipment repairs
  • Free Wireless internet
  • Coffee and tea will be available
  • EFR Instructor course
  • Specialty Instructor packages
  • PADI library for extra support
  • In house Course Directors
  • Digital Underwater Photography Specialty with High tech equipment.
  • Course Director will accompany you on the IE Graduation Party.
  • One day divetheory refresh on request.

What will I need to start?
  • Be certified as a PADI Dive master or hold a leadership level certification with another recreational diver training organization.
  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Be fit for diving and submit a Medical Statement for a diving medical examination conducted within the past12 months. A licensed physician must sign the form and state that the candidate is fit for diving. The physician signing the form may not be the applicant.
  • Have been a certified diver for at least six months and have completed and logged at least 60 open water scuba dives (as documented in the individual's log book) and have documentation of experience in deep, night and navigation diving.
  • Submit proof of CPR and first aid training within the last 24 months.
  • Submit documentation of any equivalent certification for entry-level, advanced, rescue and leadership-level issued by another recreational diver training organization. (PADI Members who have these records on file at PADI do not need to resubmit.)
  • Effective March 2009, all new PADI Instructors will need to be current Emergency First Response Instructors or hold another current first aid and CPR instructor credential.
  • If not a PADI Dive master, successfully complete the PADI Dive master course diver rescue skills assessment

Course program

By joining the PADI Instructor Development Course, you will learn according to the PADI system using the latest materials. Not only will you learn how to teach all the PADI courses but you will have fun applying them in the Standards and Procedures, academic teaching presentations, and teaching divers in confined and open water training.
It's a relaxed 9 to 12 days program, in which we will provide a professional and fun learning experience. After completing the IDC you must successfully complete the PADI Instructor Examination. This is a two days final step towards the Scuba Instructor certification.
This exam includes the academic teaching, the dive theory, and the confined and open water teaching and general diving skills.

As a PADI Instructor you can conduct the entire PADI program starting at Discover scuba diving all the way to the Dive master course. In order to finish a rescue course, candidates need the complete the EFR course. In order to conduct this course, you as a PADI Instructor need to complete the EFR Instructor Course. This course will be available somewhere around the IDC.

After successfully completing the exams, you will receive the PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor certification card and you have the possibility to make one of the world's oceans your office.


The IDC is $1295 and includes the EFRI plus 2 Instructor Specialties plus 

FREE dives for LIFE


EFRI $119

Course prices
Description Duration Price
IDC on-line portion E-learning $355
Assistant Instructor Course (AI) 4 Days $450
Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI) 5 days $750
Instructor Development Course 9 days $1195
Emergency First Response (EFR)+CARE FOR CHILDEREN 2 days $250
Emergency First Response Instructor Course (EFRI) + CFC 1 day $375
Specialty Instructor Course (SI) starting at $150 1 day $150
Tec Courses starting at $400 3 days $400
Master Scuba Diver Prep (MSDT) 5 days $500
IDC Staff Instructor Course (incl IDC) 11 Days $500
PADI Instructor Examination Fee $625
PADI Instructor Examination Segment Fee $260
PADI IDC Processing Fee $156


PADI examination fees IDCn/a$844

Description Duration Price
IDC (Instructor Development Course) 10-12 days $1295
Divemaster training + IDC 30 days min $2250
IDC, EFRI, MSDT 14-16 days $1750
PADI application fees Divemaster n/a $119
PADI application fees IDC n/a $169
PADI fees EFR instuctor n/a $115
PADI application fees speciality instuctor n/a $68
Internships available

Required Materials

Don't be Shocked!   Most of the following materials are already in your possession if you hold the PADI certifications. Check your "home library".


Description Price
PADI IDC Crew-Pak $600
PADI Instructor Manual $110
Recreational Dive Planner Table and Instructions for Use booklet $20
Recreational Dive Planner eRDPML and Instructions for Use booklet $35
Encyclopedia $40
Open Water Diver Manual $50
Adventures in Diving Manual $50
PADI Rescue Diver Manual $50
PADI Dive master Manual $50
Discover Scuba Diving Cue Card $12
Dive Master Slates (4) $30
EFR Instructor Manual $85
Optional materials:
Full digital pack of all recreational materials $150
How to use and choose dive computers $30
 Dive Materials:
 Reel starts at $25
 SMB starts at $20
 Knive starts at $29
 Pocket Mask  $25