EFR Instructor



To become an active  PADI Instructor, you need to have the Emergency First Response Instructor rating in your pocket as well.  Usually, we do this at the end of our IDC.  The course is included in the price of the IDC.  If you are just looking for the EFR Instructor course click here to book EFR Instructor course

The EFR Instructor course is done over two days.   The course requires no diving, we will be in the classroom only.   First, we start to refresh all of your skills and then you will learn how to perform them at demonstration level.

We will teach you how to organize and market an EFR course, discuss which materials and teaching tools you need, where to get them and how to best use them.  The EFR course is a powerful course as you can teach it to divers as well as to non-divers of all ages.  It is also a prerequisite for all your future rescue candidates.

At the end of the EFR Instructor course, it is scenario time.  You will teach several skills from the Emergency First Response curriculum.  As well as assisting other candidates by applying positive coaching techniques and giving them constructive feedback.  EFR Instructor is a very relaxed course with lots of fun. Once you finish all the skills and pass the exam you are able to teach the following courses:

  • Emergency First Response Primary Care (CPR),
  • Secondary Care (First Aid)
  • Care for Children courses

The course includes the digital instructor manual and the glance card ( almost like a cheat sheet).   Candidates also need to bring their Primary and Secondary book as well as their Care for Children book.  If you do not have these books anymore we do sell them in the shop.