IDCS- IDC Staff Instructor

The bonus we offer if you complete the IDC and the MSDT with Rich Coast Diving.  After you applied for the MSDT rating with PADI you can start the IDCS course.  (application is possible after you certify 25 students in any level)

This course is the next step up the PADI ladder and makes you even more desirable for dive centers to be part of their team.  Besides that, it is also a great reason to come back to Costa Rica!

The IDCS course will be a combination of 2 days of IDCS training prior to the IDC, including the 5 part and standards exam. After that, you will be auditing the whole IDC.   You will need 2 weeks to finish the course.     The course is Free for those who did the IDC + MSDT prep with Rich Coast Diving, however, you do need to buy your materials and pay your PADI fees.



  • Digital Course Director Manual $395
  • Confined Water Evaluation Slate  $56
  • Open Water evaluation slate  $56
  • Skill evaluation slate $25